Tree Pruning/Trimming

Tree pruning & trimming services

As an essential part of properly maintaining trees, we suggest pruning for a variety of reasons, including:

Safety Pruning

In most cases we are removing a part, or parts of, a tree to reduce the likelihood of failure in its structure. When climbing trees to prune, TREE SPIKES SHOULD NEVER BE WORN!

Spikes are harmful to the trees and they can expose trees to the risk of decay. Instead, we utilize climbing gear and techniques that allow us to access the canopy of the tree with climbing ropes and ascending devices.

Structural Pruning

At times, we prune trees to give them a better structure for health, vigor, and longevity, and to remove weakly attached branches for symmetry.

Maintenance Pruning

This occurs due to the reality that trees are often in proximity to our homes or densely occupied zones. It is common to clear the crown away from roofs and other structures. Because of the specific needs of trees and buildings, it is important to plant the proper tree in the proper place.

Vista Pruning

Pruning is highly desired when a tree blocks your view and all too often this is when they are topped. Ironically this action will only create faster-growing shoots from the tree thus obstructing your view further. Proper tree pruning techniques can redirect growth to meet your needs.

Crown Cleaning

Often called “dead-wooding” this service entails removing all dead or dying branches within the crown giving it a much healthier and far safer existence.

Restorative Pruning

When trees are improperly pruned (topped, lion-tailed, etc.) or damaged in storms, this method is utilized to help restore the tree’s structure to a healthier state. New shoots will be chosen to regrow and provide a healthy canopy again. It is a lengthy process, but it is necessary to ensure the tree’s future.

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